Viva Centennial 2011 On the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the university in 2011, Seoul Theological University is gearing up to be reborn as a university to play a leading role in the 21st century, providing wisdom and spirituality on the basis of truth and holiness.

By the year 2011, the centennial anniversary of its establishment, the university will have joined the ranks of the top 10 university at home, standing tall as the premier organization for cultivating pastors who are attuned to the world, and will be reputed as the "most christian and nationalistic private university" in Korea.

As a theologicaluniversity representing the Korea Holiness Church, Seoul Theological University is a young university that is showing the most dynamic growth with the help of complate and utmost trust, support and patronage of many. Its graduates are taking on the role fo good Samaritans in church sectors, mission fields, and everywhere in society. Students will experience a growth in their vision and affection fir the school following their admission to the university.